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Black Tie Optional.

Chanel defined it and Cary Grant wears it best of all. It’s classy, elegant, refined, and the go to color when we want to look our most evocative… but is it really a color?  The answer to this question is one of the most debated issues on the color wheel. Ask a scientist and you’ll get the physics reply: “Black is not a color, white is a color.” Ask an artist

or a child with crayons and you’ll get another: “Black is a color, white is not a color.” (Maybe!)

The answers:
1. Black is the absence of color (and is therefore not a color)
2. White is the blending of all colors and is a color.

We could get all scientific here and debate the issue for an entire post… but I pose the question with these examples, for “color or not”, black and white are a striking pair in both design and fashion, creating a most stunning pallet.

Just like Mr. Grant… sexy, and most definitely not for the faint of heart!

john jacobs interiors


john jacobs interiors


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