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Mosaic Monday… Summer Camp.

L to R: Moda Mahagony Travertine Mosaic, Nature Porcelain in Brown, Moda Prado Travertine Mosaic and Nature Porcelain in Grey.


Mosaic Monday… Jetset.


Mosaic Monday… The Summer Blues.


L to R: Weave Stix Cascade Blend, Oceanside 1 x 1 Sapphire, Vintage Summer Luster, and Weave Stix Pacific.


Mosaic Monday… Lavender and Grey.

L to R: Paradigm Brick Ash Grey, Stone and Pewter Agate Martini Blend Lugano, Stone and Pewter Rainbow Snap Dove Grey, Studio Moderne London Grey Mosaic.


Fifty Shades of Grey.


You knew it was only a matter of time before a post with this title found it’s way to our blog!  With a little artistic license and stretching the “shades” of grey a bit outside of the lines we give you our Walker Zanger “Fifty Shades of Grey”.


(1.) Oceanside Glass Tile – Pewter (2.) Helsinki – Silver Dusk Small Brick (3.) Moda – Sienna Silver 1×1

Square Mosaic  (4.) Tracciato -Vicenza Patter Silver Leaf (5.) Tuileries Pastis Brique(6.)Paradigm- Ash Gray 1×1 Mosaic Field (7.)Ruko- 6×6 Platinum Matte (8.) Studio Moderne- Calacata 1×1 Mosaic Field  (9.) Studio Moderne – Marquis Octagon and Rectangle Patter (10.) Contessa- Arabesco 6×6 Silver Leaf (11.) Studio Moderne – Fretwork Pattern (12.) Studio Moderne- Hollywood Mosaic (13.) Gramercy Park- 6×6 Gate Deco (14.) Gramercy Park- 6×6 Pipe Smoke (15.) Studio Moderne- Paramount Mosaics 16.) Broadway- Titanium Random Mosaic (17.)  Xilo- Smoke 24×24 Field  (18.)  Tribeca- Classic White Hexagon Field (19.) Broadway- 18×18 Titanium 20.)  White Onyx (21.)  Waterfall- 1×1 Mosaic Charcoal/ Winter Sky Blend  (22.) Paradigm- Ash Gray Small Brick Field (23.) Xilo- Gray 12×24 Field  24.) Marble – Calacata Classico 12×12 Oro (25.) Skyline Metro- Pearl Linear Field Mosaic  (26.) Siena Silver Travertine (27.) Xilo- Black 6×24 Field  28.) Slate Tile- Oyster Grey Quartzite Pattern (29.) Helsinki –

Silver Dusk 1×4 Small Brick  (30.) Marble- White Venatino Slab (31.) Marble – 12×12 Arabescato  (32.) Tribeca- New White Hexagon Field (33.) Helsinki – 3×12 Silver Dusk  (34.) Broadway-  18×18 Grigio (35.) Marble – 12×12 Statuary Venatino (36.) Weave- Shadow Offset Field 1×4 Mosaic (37.) Marble- 12×12 Calacata Luna 38.)Tribeca- Flatiron Grey Basket Weave Field (39.)Travertine- Siena Silver (40.) Broadway- 24×24 Titanium (41.) Tracciato-  12×12 Circolo Pattern Silver on Flannel  (42.) Tribeca- New White Brick 2×4 Field (43.) Zen Garden-Bali Black (44.) Tribeca- Classic White Basket Weave Field (45.) Waterfall- Charcoal River Pattern (46.) Tribeca- Flatiron Grey Hexagon Field (47.) Helsinki- Silver Dusk 1×1 Mosaic (48.) Tribeca- Loft Blend Penny Round Mosaic (49.) Helsinki- Silver Dusk 1×6 Long Brick (50.) Waterfall- Rain Pattern Charcoal/ Winter Sky Blend




All photo images and text are the property of Walker Zanger. Please do not use for commercial purposes without permission. You are welcome to repost. copyright 2014.

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