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Island not included.

When I decided to sell my house and buy another with my fiance of several years, I began to agonize over all the work that I had done to it over the years

and began doubt that I could really leave it all behind. After all, not only was this my little “divorce house” where I raised my two children and staked my independent claim in the world, but it also contained years of design decisions and Walker Zanger jewels! Even though the challenging new prospect of a blank canvas beckoned, I couldn’t seem to shake the sadness of leaving all that I had created behind. Truth be told, most of it could be recreated… all except the Kitchen Island. Besides the emotional memories of family and friends gathered around it’s patinaed edges, was the fact that this French limestone beauty was no longer being quarried. As I lamented this sorrow to a friend (and fellow WZ workmate), she pointed out that the one thing I actually could take with me was the Beauvigny island! Now- was this a fiscally sound decision? Of course not! But we people of the right brain persuasion are often more prone to follow our hearts desires for the esthetic rather than the pragmatic.

And so it was written…into the contract that is…that I would replace the existing island top with another so that I could keep one little token of what I spent so long creating. Here I share with you it’s installation into it’s new home and hope you will join me in future posts for the design journey of my new home “Happy Hollow”.
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