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Mosaic Monday… The Sweater.


Put a Pin in It (5.4)


A panel behind a sink or stove that protects the wall from splashes.

Ooh… if it were only that simple!  Originally this definition probably held true. Back splashes came about simply as a way in which to protect the wall behind our stoves, sinks, and bathroom vanities from the splatters of spaghetti sauce, dish soap, and the occasional misdirected squirt of  toothpaste. In today’s world of design however, choosing a back splash for your kitchen or bathroom has to be one of the most daunting decisions in any design project. The options are unbelievably endless. Whether it be glass, ceramic, marble, mosaic, or simply a single slab of stone, with the images below and the collection on this weeks Pinterest board, we’re certain  that  “We’ve got your back (splash)”.



Walker Zanger Tuileries collection


Drop dead gorgeous marble slabs behind each vanity


Bright Spring Green subway splash



Whimsical Mosaic Circles


Walker Zanger Marquis Pattern from the Studio Moderne Collection


The natural beauty of pebbles.


Linear glass done as only S.R.Gambrel Designs can.


The crisp clean look of Walker Zanger Vibe Ashbury mosaic in Powder Blue..


The Bold Chevron


The classic beauty of a single slab.


The Chevron.

The insignia of confident, outside of the box designs, the Chevron draws you into a room and says; notice me.

Whether in bold black and white or subtle tone on tone, this pattern is the focal point of classic design.

Christina Murphy Interiors

Walker Zanger Helsinki via Walker Zanger Catalog


Walker Zanger Helsinki via Dodson & Daughter Interior Design


wit and whistle via etsy


Sydney Opera House via quintinlake


via Pinterest


via Pinterest


Ritsy Bee & Kate Headley




Black Tie Optional.

Chanel defined it and Cary Grant wears it best of all. It’s classy, elegant, refined, and the go to color when we want to look our most evocative… but is it really a color?  The answer to this question is one of the most debated issues on the color wheel. Ask a scientist and you’ll get the physics reply: “Black is not a color, white is a color.” Ask an artist

or a child with crayons and you’ll get another: “Black is a color, white is not a color.” (Maybe!)

The answers:
1. Black is the absence of color (and is therefore not a color)
2. White is the blending of all colors and is a color.

We could get all scientific here and debate the issue for an entire post… but I pose the question with these examples, for “color or not”, black and white are a striking pair in both design and fashion, creating a most stunning pallet.

Just like Mr. Grant… sexy, and most definitely not for the faint of heart!

john jacobs interiors


john jacobs interiors


via walker zanger catalog

via metropolitan home


When it's just right, you know it.

Sometimes when you see a room, you can tell right away you are looking at the work of an amazing Interior Designer.  The proportions, colors, use of materials and finishes are just right, and somehow your brain just knows it.   Such is the case with this stunning master bath suite from Liz Williams Interiors in Atlanta, Georgia.


Emily Followill Photography

How’s this for an entry?  The exquisite hand carved doors lead into a serene and airy space, bathed in natural light.  Spare and luxurious at the same time, the  smooth, veined marble chevron pattern draws you right to the generous  freestanding tub. Ready for a soak?


Emily Followill Photography


The grey washed cabinets, Onyx counters and Vintage Glass splash are stunning!  Notice the stainless steel leg caps and toe kick. It’s a wonderfully unexpected modern detail, something you can always find in Liz William’s designs.


Emily Followill Photography

Don’t you love this shower?  The seamless transition from the marble flooring into the shower dispenses with the usual shower dam

gives it an modern “spa” like feel.  Notice the way the glass mosaic wraps around the to the exterior of the shower walls  and up to the ceiling, another nice detail

Emily Followill Photography

The iridescent marbleized glass mosaic is a perfect choice for the shower.  You can see how the morning  and evening light would shimmer of the slightly imperfect surface of the glass. Nothing like glass tile, sunlight and water to start your morning right!

As the person who develops product for Walker Zanger,  it’s  always gratifying to see it used so beautifully as it is in this bath.  Thank you Liz for sharing this wonderful space with us!

Walker Zanger product used: Helsinki Chevron in Silver Dusk, Vintage Glass in Onyx Lustre


All photo images and text are the property of Walker Zanger. Please do not use for commercial purposes without permission. You are welcome to repost. copyright 2014.

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