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The Art of Design.


Sketch by designer Albert Hadley


While browsing around Pinterest the other night, I came across this sketch by designer, Albert Hadley and immediately was pulled into image and the warm environment it evoked.  I have always been drawn into the world created by the pen and ink and have envied those who with the stroke of a pen can make the page come alive. As someone who works with clients in our showrooms, I am accustomed to seeing everything from the 2 x 3 images shared on smart phones to elevations and CAD drawings showing the promise of the finished project. However, nothing in our immediately gratifying culture of today can hold a candle to the art of rendering. To render an interior is to project the designers vision when it completed and furnished. The artwork that interprets a room after it has been furnished and accessorized is called a room painting. Either way these are truly works of art. Many of the images below are now in private collections or owned by leading museums, and are some of my favorites…

Living room in a town house, New York City, 1980. Design and illustration: J. Hyde Crawford; Media: Marker and gouache


Dining room in a country club, c. 1960's Design: McMillen Inc.; Illustrator: Robert Martin; Medium: Tempura



Designer Mark Hampton


Mia Corsini Bland in "Sister Parish Design"


Drawing by architect Stanford White for a sofa-back table designed for his personal use in his Gramercy Park residence. C.1901


Furniture for the office of the president of the New York Stock Exchange, 1902. Design and illustration: George B. Post; Media: Pen-and-ink and wash.


In part II of The Art of Design, we will share with you the illustrated creation of our Gramercy Park collection. In the mean time, you can view more of our favorite images on our Pinterest board, The Illustrated Interior.







At-el-ier / atl’ya/ Noun: A workshop or studio, especially one used by an artist or designer.

A place of creativity, inspiration and passion, an atelier is four walls outside of our heads for all our ideas  to spill out and manifest themselves into concrete creations. It can be your office, a space in your home put aside for only you and your tools, a studio space you retreat to for quite introspection, or simply a bulletin board pinned with all that

becomes the catalyst for your creativity.

Our new blog, Atileier, is our virtual studio. A place where we share our passion for stone, tile, interior design, architecture, fashion, food, travel and, well… simply anything stylish and amazing. It’s a glimpse into what inspires us and drives us to create all that is Walker Zanger.

The door to our studio is always open. Come on in and explore. You are always welcome here. Share with us what inspires you, leave comments, and if you’re not shy, become a guest blogger.  Grab your cappuccino, coffee, or tea, sit awhile and enjoy.

We look forward to seeing you often.

Atelier of Paul Cezanne

Monet in his Atelier

Atelier Bazille

All photo images and text are the property of Walker Zanger. Please do not use for commercial purposes without permission. You are welcome to repost. copyright 2014.

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