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Ask Bob. Gramercy Park Grouting & Sealing.



Walker Zanger Gramercy Park Field Tile 6″ x 6″ Pipe Smoke

Q: We are tiling the backsplash behind our range. Two questions…

  1. The tile we are using is a field tile in Pipe Smoke from the Gramercy Park Collection.  What color grout would you recommend to stay with the same color as the tile?
  2. The tile has a cracked porcelain look. Do I need to seal it so that sauces or splatters do not soak into the cracks?

Thanks, Michele

A: As with all crackle glaze tiles, install the tiles and seal the crackle glazed surface prior to grouting to protect the tile’s clay body from the grouting progress. Don’t flood the ungrouted joints, just evenly cover the tile’s surface.  Next, wait 24 hours to grout with Tec’s “Standard Gray” Sanded Grout and then wait another 72 hours to seal the fully cured grout. Once the grout is sealed wait another 72 hours prior to exposing the new tiled backsplash to water or anything that may result in staining. Thanks for your questions, Michele!


Mosaic Monday…Still Life.

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