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Summer Love



Summer is officially here and with it comes the promise of long weekends, vacations and well deserved relaxation. We sit at desks in our offices day dreaming of cool blue water and the warmth of the summer sun on our backs. Alarm clocks and cell phones are replaced with paperbacks and sunscreen. Ice clinks in glasses adorned with tropical fruit and colorful paper umbrellas as we sit back and basque in what is for most, the favorite season of the year. Scrolling through today’s post, you can almost feel the warm sand between your toes as we feel the “Summer Love.”









































Mosiac Monday…Summer Camp.


Tangent “Astral Night” and “Merge”

This is the third blog post in a series based on our new Tangent Collection. In the past, I shared the inspiration behind the “Honeycomb” “Ipanema” and “Ripple” patterns.  Today I will share some insights on the sunny “Astral Nights” and intricate “Merge” patterns that are also part of the Tangent Collection. 


Tangent Astral Nights in Calacata

The playful, kinetic circle pattern of Tangent Astral Night mosaic has a definitive mid-century vibe that recalls the whirling, twirling graphic quality of George Nelson’s “Starburst” clocks (pictured below left) and Mary Blair’s playful design for the façade of the “It’s A Small World.” (pictured below right).

  For Tangent Astral Nights Mary Blair It's a Small World


 tangent-astral-121   tangent-astral-223

Inspiration for Tangent “Merge” Pattern

Playfully named for its weaving lines, reminiscent of a car changing lanes – Tangent Merge was inspired by an ornate art nouveau metal grill, then stripped down to its basic elements and constructed from tiny chips of marble and limestone, resulting in a thoroughly contemporary mosaic pattern.



tangent merge cropped

Detail shot of Tangent Merge in Calacata




Mosiac Monday…The Bridal Bouquet.

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