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Huetrals: The New Neutrals in Design

We’d like to welcome our guest blogger, Kris Jarrett, who shares simple tips and ideas for decorating homes with style and timeless design on her blog Driven by Decor. We’re thrilled to have her share her passion for the beautiful new tiles from Walker Zanger’s Studio Moderne: Century Suite collection and how she envisions them being used in today’s kitchen and bath designs.  

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I love the warm, welcoming feeling of a home decorated in layered neutrals and am excited about kicking my neutral decorating up a notch by using “huetrals,” a term coined by interior designer Michael Berman to describe his color palette of neutral hues as seen in Walker Zanger’s gorgeous new Studio Moderne: Century Suite collection. The tiles from this new collection were created in collaboration with Berman, in which one of his goals was to “create original and fresh shapes with gorgeous ‘huetrals’ that are inspired by iconic California architecture.” And let me tell you, they’re anything but boring! These tiles have beautiful graphic patterns and dimension while still maintaining a classic simplicity that will keep them in style for the long run:


Walker Zanger Century Suite Highland Tile


Walker Zanger Century Suite Collection Tile


The options for integrating Studio Moderne: Century Suite tile into kitchen and bath designs are endless since their huetral palette allows you to freely mix and match with endless finishes and colors. You can even choose to use some of the patterns in tandem, like the “Ambassador” and “Diplomat” tiles, or separately depending upon how bold of an architectural backdrop you wish to create. I’d love to see “Diplomat” as a kitchen backsplash paired with Walker Zanger’s gorgeous Calacata Borghini countertops, a sexy undermount sink and faucet, and a mix of metal and wood finishes:


Kitchen design ideas using 'huetrals'_071916

“Rambler” reimagines one of Studio Moderne’s most popular designs “Fretwork” in a smaller scale that works as beautifully in bathrooms as it does as a kitchen backsplash. The sterling hue is amazing!! It would look stunning in a bathroom paired with light gray walls, a warm wood vanity, and contemporary stainless faucets and shower hardware:


Bathroom design ideas using 'huetrals' in shades of gray_071916

Another tile favorite of mine is “Montclair” with interlocking, elongated hexagons that were inspired by mid-century Neo-Egyptian styling. I see it as a show-stopping feature in a spa-like bathroom designed with watery hues, clean-lined hardware & fixtures, and a crisp white freestanding tub:


Bathroom design ideas using 'huetrals' in shades of blue_071916

What do you think? You can check out the other beautiful tiles in Walker Zanger’s Studio Moderne: Century Suite collection {here} and find out more about the latest in kitchen and bath design trends {here}. Thanks so much for having me Walker Zanger!



Jet Set.




Jet set

jet–set adjective

jet–set·ter noun

jet–set·ting adjective

A fashionable social set composed of wealthy people who travel frequently by jetliner to parties and resorts.



We celebrate the Jet Set with our newest collection of marble tile mosaics of the same name. The collection of luxurious marble patterns recalls the glamorous 1950’s and 60’s when the rich and famous hop scotched across the globe, following the good life from St. Tropez to Palm Springs. The villas were stylish, the women beautiful, the men handsome, the pools sparkling blue and the champagne always flowed.

Come with us and be swept away to a time when flight attendants were called Stewardesses, Mai Tai’s were the drink of choice, and everything sounded better when Frank sang it. Grab your suitcase and hop on board, you won’t even need a boarding pass!




Walker Zanger Jet Set Poolside Pattern in Calacata.



Beach Umbrellas at Moterosso Cinque Terra, Italy


Walker Zanger Jet Set Globetrotter Pattern in Cafe.


Glamorous Marilyn boarding a Pan Am flight at Miami International.


Walker Zanger Jet Set Starlet Pattern in Calacata


The Parker Hotel Palm Springs


Walker Zanger Jet Set Mai Tai Pattern in Carrara


Astrid Heeren, photo by Jeanloup Sieff, Harper’s Bazaar, 1964



Walker Zanger Jet Set Oasis Pattern in Mocha.







Mosaic Monday… Vintage Halloween.


Fifty Shades of Grey.


You knew it was only a matter of time before a post with this title found it’s way to our blog!  With a little artistic license and stretching the “shades” of grey a bit outside of the lines we give you our Walker Zanger “Fifty Shades of Grey”.


(1.) Oceanside Glass Tile – Pewter (2.) Helsinki – Silver Dusk Small Brick (3.) Moda – Sienna Silver 1×1

Square Mosaic  (4.) Tracciato -Vicenza Patter Silver Leaf (5.) Tuileries Pastis Brique(6.)Paradigm- Ash Gray 1×1 Mosaic Field (7.)Ruko- 6×6 Platinum Matte (8.) Studio Moderne- Calacata 1×1 Mosaic Field  (9.) Studio Moderne – Marquis Octagon and Rectangle Patter (10.) Contessa- Arabesco 6×6 Silver Leaf (11.) Studio Moderne – Fretwork Pattern (12.) Studio Moderne- Hollywood Mosaic (13.) Gramercy Park- 6×6 Gate Deco (14.) Gramercy Park- 6×6 Pipe Smoke (15.) Studio Moderne- Paramount Mosaics 16.) Broadway- Titanium Random Mosaic (17.)  Xilo- Smoke 24×24 Field  (18.)  Tribeca- Classic White Hexagon Field (19.) Broadway- 18×18 Titanium 20.)  White Onyx (21.)  Waterfall- 1×1 Mosaic Charcoal/ Winter Sky Blend  (22.) Paradigm- Ash Gray Small Brick Field (23.) Xilo- Gray 12×24 Field  24.) Marble – Calacata Classico 12×12 Oro (25.) Skyline Metro- Pearl Linear Field Mosaic  (26.) Siena Silver Travertine (27.) Xilo- Black 6×24 Field  28.) Slate Tile- Oyster Grey Quartzite Pattern (29.) Helsinki –

Silver Dusk 1×4 Small Brick  (30.) Marble- White Venatino Slab (31.) Marble – 12×12 Arabescato  (32.) Tribeca- New White Hexagon Field (33.) Helsinki – 3×12 Silver Dusk  (34.) Broadway-  18×18 Grigio (35.) Marble – 12×12 Statuary Venatino (36.) Weave- Shadow Offset Field 1×4 Mosaic (37.) Marble- 12×12 Calacata Luna 38.)Tribeca- Flatiron Grey Basket Weave Field (39.)Travertine- Siena Silver (40.) Broadway- 24×24 Titanium (41.) Tracciato-  12×12 Circolo Pattern Silver on Flannel  (42.) Tribeca- New White Brick 2×4 Field (43.) Zen Garden-Bali Black (44.) Tribeca- Classic White Basket Weave Field (45.) Waterfall- Charcoal River Pattern (46.) Tribeca- Flatiron Grey Hexagon Field (47.) Helsinki- Silver Dusk 1×1 Mosaic (48.) Tribeca- Loft Blend Penny Round Mosaic (49.) Helsinki- Silver Dusk 1×6 Long Brick (50.) Waterfall- Rain Pattern Charcoal/ Winter Sky Blend





Mosaic Monday… Autumn Leaves.

L to R: Ceramica Alhambra Oro Gloss, Weave Stix Draper Blend, Weave Teak Blend and Contessa Paprika.

All photo images and text are the property of Walker Zanger. Please do not use for commercial purposes without permission. You are welcome to repost. copyright 2014.

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