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Mosaic Monday…Color Fling.


Mosaic Monday…Vintage Vogue.


Mosaic Monday…Out on the Terrace.


Ask Bob. Grout for White Stone Tile.


Statuary Classico 12″ x 24″ Marble Tile


Q:  When installing polished white marble tiles with white grout, what grout do you recommend that will not scratch the polished surface, stain the tile and will be the most stain resistant?  It seems like the usual unsanded grout turns yellow or stains easily.

Thanks, Joe

A: Hi Joe,

If your grout joint width is 1/8″ or wider you must use a sanded grout.  If your grout sponge is rinsed out, and the rinse water is changed as necessary to remain clean, you should have no issues with scratching the polished marble surface.  If the grout joint width is less than an 1/8″ then an unsanded grout may be necessary to  properly fill the joints.  In both scenarios I would seal the ungrouted tiles prior to grouting to protect their surface from staining. This also makes the clean up process much easier.  Next, wait 72 hours for the grout to fully cure and then seal it with that same sealer used initially.  Laticrete, Custom Building Products, and Mapei are some of the many major manufacturers that offer grouts that will work for whatever your needs may require. Thanks for your question!


Mosaic Monday…Industrial Chic.

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