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Pasadena Showcase House of Design 2014

Walker Zanger is happy to be participating in the 50th Anniversary of the Pasadena Showcase House of Design this year. We have been a participating vendor for the Pasadena Showcase House of Design for more than 20 years, and look forward to working with some of the best designers in Los Angeles each year as they transform a residence in the Pasadena area into a magnificent show piece.

This year’s Showcase House, known as the Flint House, was originally built for Robert Philip Flint and his wife Margaret Gray Flint, in 1915, in the English Arts and Crafts style.   In 1915, the 8,200 square-foot house featured 17 rooms and was built at a cost of $28,000.  Today, the house features seven bedrooms, including a nursery, a nanny’s room and a traveler’s suite, ten baths, five fireplaces, a media room, oak floors, redwood wall paneling, and floor to ceiling leaded glass windows.  The 3.5 acre wooded grounds feature 300 trees, a lily pond, a river-rock artesian spring house, a variety of lovely gardens, a pool and dressing rooms with fire pit, a greenhouse, a gardener’s potting shed and an outdoor kitchen.   In addition, there is a chauffeur’s suite complete with sitting area and kitchenette located above the carriage house.

Organizers expect over 35,000 people to tour the Showcase House this year, making it the most popular of its kind in the country.

Below are details and photographs of the rooms that we supplied material for.  We think the spaces turned out just great!

Carriage House

The carriage house interior rooms were designed by Dona Dockendorf of Tocco Finale. They feature products from our Jet Set, Rue Pierre, Duquesa and AnTeak collections.



Detail of the weathered patina of the reclaimed  AnTeak Large Herringbone in Coffee



The kitchen backsplash features our new Duquesa hand-painted tile collection, in the Fatima Pattern.


The shower wall tile is Jet Set Starlet in Caffe Bruno and floor pattern is Jet Set Lounge in Cafe Bruno.

The shower wall tile is Jet Set Starlet in Caffe Bruno and floor pattern is Jet Set Lounge in Cafe Bruno. The Marble flooring and walls are Rue Pierre Blanc 12″x18″ tiles and the moldings were fabricated from Bianco Bello marble slabs.


Master Bathroom

The master bath is part of the Master Suite Wing, which was designed by Designs of the Interior (Genaro Lagdameo and Karen Shoener).  Featuring our just launched Tangent Collection, this space is a both dramatic and serene, a place where we would definitely love to start the day!


Tangent Collection patterns in this space are: Floor – Astral Nights, Shower – Zephyr, and the Tub Wall – Apex.



Tangent’s Astral Nights pattern adds repeating drama to the floor.



The shower is punctuated by a beautiful stripe of Cafe Bruno Marble.



The shower wall features Tangent “Zephyr” in Calacata.


Pool Dressing Rooms

The pool dressing rooms were designed by Robert Frank of Robert Frank Design. The design showcases products from our Shift and 6th Avenue collections to help create an airy and welcoming space.


The floor is Shift Collection White Stripe Mosaic, which is comprised of multiple stone textures.

The floor is Shift Collection White Stripe Mosaic, which is comprised of multiple stone textures.



If you live in the Los Angeles area, we strongly recommend that you visit this year’s beautiful show house, which is  open through May 11, 2014. For more information, check out www.pasadenashowcase.org.

To see more of the products featured, click here: Tangent, AnTeak, Jet Set, Rue Pierre, Shift, 6th Avenue.




Mosiac Monday…April Showers

April Showers_Apr28

L to R: Oceanside Glasstile Muse Amber, Weave Off Set Equator, Weave Off Set Sandstone, and Oceanside Glasstile Muse Tide.


Tangent “Ipanema” & “Ripple” Patterns

In my last blog post, I introduced our new collection Tangent. Today, I will share some of the inspiration behind Tangent’s “Ipanema” and “Ripple” patterns.  Both patterns are based on an undulating line that forms the backbone of the design.


tangent_ipanema-297 corrected

Tangent Ipanema Calacata

The undulating shapes in the Tangent “Ipanema” were inspired by ceramicist Eva Zeisel’s Belly Button room divider, and the famous beach side walkways in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (both shown below), where one finds  plenty of curves of a different kind.  We combined mosaic and waterjet to achieve a textural contrast between the two design elements in the pattern.  This touch gives the pattern nice visual interest in even just one marble color, as pictured above.

The inspiration for “Ripple” came from the work of Bridget Riley, one of Great Britain’s best known artists. Riley’s distinctive and optically vibrant work from the 1960′s  actively engages the viewer’s sensations and perceptions.  Her painting “Arrest 1,” 1965,  (shown below) was specifically influential in our design and the visual illusions she creates on a flat plane is something we achieved in Tangent’s “Ripple.”




The image below shows how both the shapes of the  “Ipanema” and “Ripple” patterns share the same undulating line, even though the end results of the design process look very different.


Ipanema sketch


We will explore more of the design process behind other Tangent patterns in the coming days, stay tuned!

To see all the mosaic patterns in the Tangent collection, click here.





Mosiac Monday…Eateries.


Introducing our new Tangent Collection

Tangent is defined as “a line that touches but does not intersect a curve.” It is a word that describes geometry, but also one used to describe heading off in serendipitous directions  as in “to go off on a tangent.” Both these definitions accurately describe our new collection of decorative stone mosaics, fittingly named “Tangent.”


Large image is Tangent Astral Nights Pattern, smaller images are other Tangent products and some of the inspiration behind them.


When we began the design process for this collection, we knew we wanted to create something contemporary that drew on classic modern and mid-century modern influences, but that would develop a original vocabulary that had not been realized in stone before.  We wanted to push the limits of stone cutting technology and combine water jet cut stone and mosaics in new and inventive ways.  We think we succeeded on all counts!

Tangent is a fresh take on decorative stone, a unique collection that speaks a new design dialect, one that talks about covering whole floors or walls in decorative patterns that are both a background and a focal point in a space. One in which abstract geometry merges with the unmatched beauty of natural stone, creating a richness that will beguile you anew, each time you see it.


tangent merge cropped

Close up of the Tangent Merge Pattern, showing the intricate cuts required incredibly precise cutting and fitting of small marble chips to create the seamless overall pattern

Precise and careful artistry is required to realize each of the designs in Tangent.  Most designs combine waterjet stone and mosaics, which require our craftspeople to carefully cut the stone chips to follow the edge of the precisely cut larger stone elements. This is exacting work that requires skill and dedication.  But, nothing less is acceptable  for a collection that is Walker Zanger’s new mosaic product flagship!

The Tangent collection includes 15 different patterns, initially launched in Calacata Marble with and Grey and black  Limestone accents.  In a continuing series of blog posts, we’ll show you some of the inspiration and design processes  behind these amazing patterns! We’ll start with  Honeycomb below.


Inspiration for Tangent “Honeycomb” Pattern



Clockwise From upper left: Designer David Hicks, Tangent Honeycomb Pattern in Calacata, David Hicks’s Iconic “nesting hexagon” wallpaper pattern.


Our new Tangent Honeycomb pattern (right) was inspired by David Hicks’  iconic nesting hexagons, which he created in the late 1960′s.  David Hicks was one of the giants of interior design in the late 1960′s and early 1970′s, when he created a unique design vocabulary that combined traditional elements with  bold colors and geometric all over patterns. Our Tangent Honeycomb pattern expresses the idea of concentric hexagons in solid stone shapes interspersed with hand cut mosaic chips.  The combination of  “solid” and “textured” surfaces gives the overall pattern an attractive dimensionality that is enhanced by the beautiful variation of the calacata marble.

You can view the entire Tangent collection at the Walker Zanger website here. Stay tuned for more “behind the scenes” looks at additional Tangent designs coming next week!

All photo images and text are the property of Walker Zanger. Please do not use for commercial purposes without permission. You are welcome to repost. copyright 2014.

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