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Introducing the Villa d’Oro Collection, contemporary mosaics with an ancient inspiration.


Clockwise from top left: Villa d’Oro Granda Mosaic, Rome’s Appian Way, ancient intarsia from a villa in the ancient Roman port of Ostia, facade of Ca d’Oro in Venice, courtyard in the Riad Alamir in Marrakech, courtyard fountain inlaid with marble from Hama, Syria.

The Mediterranean has hosted a succession of expansive cultures that dominated the region politically and culturally, only to make way for the next wave. Egyptians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Muslims, Spanish, Venetian and Ottoman Empires each left a rich legacy of architecture and decoration in stone—which is the inspiration for the new Villa d’Oro collection of stone mosaic and intarsia tiles from Walker Zanger.



16th Century map of the Mediterranean Sea


Villa d’Oro brings this intersection of cultures to stone mosaic and intarsia decorations with a stunning collection of patterns influenced by these diverse Mediterranean empires, each of which assumed, and then built upon, the decorative influences of its predecessor. In Villa d’Oro decorative influences from Moorish Spain commingle with those of Imperial Rome and Gothic Venice, providing an all-new  dialect to the designer’s language.  Intricate Metal work,  marble architectural elements,  faded frescoes and antique stone inlay all provided rich inspiration for the pattern designs in Villa d’Oro.



Clockwise from top left: Moroccan bronze door, arches from Ca d’Or in Venice, cosmati marble floors from Ca d’Or in Venice, Villa d’Oro Ostia Cafe Pattern, Villa d’Oro San Marcos Grigio Pattern, Villa d’Oro Andalusia Cafe Pattern.


The Design Process of Villa d’Oro

In creating Villa d’Oro, we began with historical design, stripped each design down to its essence and then rebuilt them contemporary color ways and scale, keeping in mind how people use pattern today. Below, you can see an example of this with Villa d’Oro Granada in Cafe.

Granada development


Inspiration for Villa d’Oro

The Villa d’Oro Ostia Pattern was inspired by a marble intarsia floor in the ancient Roman port city of Ostia. In the design process we stripped the original pattern of superfluous detail, re-arranged  some of the geometric elements and the re-colored it  to create a subtle graphic effect. The resulting design is original yet familiar, and can  be used seamlessly in both modern and traditional settings.


inspiration VDO


Villa d’Oro Collection Elements

Villa d’Oro is available in two finishes: polished and brushed; with corresponding field tiles – 3” x 6” tiles in a brushed finish and hand cut mosaics in a polished finish. Villa d’Oro patterns complement interiors that mix modern and traditional elements and can be used to cover entire walls and floors or as accents in back splashes or shower walls.



You can see the entire collection here. What do you think of our newest stone mosaic collection and how would you use it in your home? Feel free to let us know in the comments below and check out our Villa d’Oro Pinterest board for more insight into this beautiful collection.


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Pasadena Showcase House of Design 2015

Walker Zanger is happy to again be participating in the Pasadena Showcase House this year. Each year we look forward to working with some of Los Angeles County’s most talented designers as they completely renovate a historic home in the Pasadena area. Walker Zanger is proud to have participated in the Pasadena Showcase House for over 25 years.

The 2015 Showcase House was originally built in 1910 by French architect Ferdinand Parmentir. The house is unique because it was built as an English Tudor home with many strong Craftsman elements. The main house is 9,400 square feet with gardens, spa, pool, outdoor barbeque area and an attached carriage house. The carriage house is 2,600 square feet with an upstairs apartment. The renovation took place in a break neck pace and was completed in 90 days!  The result is a stunning Showcase House featuring the latest and greatest in interior design and furnishings, including Walker Zanger Tile in multiple rooms!

Main Kitchen

The main kitchen of the Pasadena Showcase House 2015 was designed by Ederra Design Studio. It uses shades of white and gray inspired by its traditional craftsman roots.  The kitchen features our new Robert A.M. Stern Collection on the kitchen backsplash. Our Nature porcelain is on the floor; a porcelain tile that has the appearance of hard wood but is very durable and easy to maintain. Our honed limestone Basaltina is featured on the main countertop and the marble Statuary Grigio on the island.


Kitchen backsplash tile is Robert AM Stern Otto in Oxford. Floor is Nature Brown 6” x 47”.



The Main Kitchen of the Pasadena Showcase House 2015.



Close-up of kitchen with Robert AM Stern in Otto Oxford as the backsplash and Basaltina slab on the countertops.



Our Tilt Clover in White Crackle is featured in Pasadena Showcase Kitchen’s beverage center with White Venatino as the countertop.

Library Bathroom

Jennifer Bevan Interiors designed the library and its bathroom, which features our Sterling Row Derby in Charcoal on its floor; a mosaic that combines marble and porcelain. The sink is made from a slab of Calacata Borghini.



Carriage House Guest Suite

The carriage house kitchen, dining room and bathroom were designed by GH Wood Design. They feature selections from our Tilt, Statale, Sterling Row, Acustico and Villa d’Oro collections. Our stone mosaic Villa d’Oro contributed to the Guest Suite’s Updated Traditional, incorporating both classic and modern elements.



The bathroom wall features Villa d’Oro Ostia.



The carriage house dining room floor features the Sterling Row Oxford Pattern in Charcoal.



Close-up of the carriage house kitchen with our Tilt Ottoman Mosaic in White Gloss.



Close-up of Statale Vapore 6” x 47” from the carriage house kitchen.

For more information on this year’s Pasadena Showcase House, visit www.pasadenashowcase.org.


Introducing Guest Pinner Cristin Priest


We are excited to start off the New Year with a new Guest Pinner on Walker Zanger’s Pinterest Page: Cristin Bisbee Priest of Simplified Bee!

Combining the disciplines of organization and design, Cristin launched Simplified Bee®, a San Francisco Peninsula-based residential design firm in early 2009. As an interior designer, she knew homes could be orderly without sacrificing aesthetic beauty. Her focus is on creating fresh, beautiful spaces that are functional and family-focused. Cristin is known for her style-savvy, inventive and practical approach to design, that seamlessly mixes styles, layer patterns, and incorporates products that will last for years to come.

Cristin has been featured for her design work in a number of publications over the last six years, including Better Homes and Gardens, Elle Décor and the San Francisco Chronicle. She launched The Simplified Bee Blog in May of 2009. Through the years, she grew to love it as a creative outlet and her many readers. She describes it as, “A place I enjoy sharing what inspires me and my passion for interior design, home organization and entertaining.”

Cristin has built quite a community around her blog and design firm. Her Pinterest profile under her company name “Simplified Bee” has an impressive 35,000+ followers. Cristin’s guest Pinboard with Walker Zanger explores her inspirations for interior design as well as her favorite Walker Zanger Tile and Stone.

Check out our board to see what inspires Cristin and let us know what you think!

Follow Walker Zanger’s board Guest Pinner: Simplified Bee’s Inspirations on Pinterest.


Inspirations for Sterling Row Patterns

Sterling Row – “Dress your room with Style”

Like the elegant suit of well dressed gentleman, Sterling Row tiles are exquisitely tailored in both shape and color.  Created from a combination of porcelain tile and marble in tones of grey, white,  brown, linen and black, the designs of Sterling Row are inspired by the elegant feel of fine fabrics, the richness of burnished  leather and the luxuriously appointed shops of the finest tailors in London, Manhattan and Paris.

Each Sterling Row pattern was created with the same attention to detail that a fine tailor applies to creating a bespoke suit. Sterling Row’s designs and pattern names like “Link,” “Houndstooth,” “Wingtip” and “Oxford” pay playful homage to the gentleman’s milieu.

porcelain tile

Sterling Row Link Pattern in Linen, on the right.

The Tuxedo pattern was inspired by the crisp angle of a classic Tuxedo jacket lapel….

porcelain tile

Sterling Row Tuxedo pattern in Charcoal, on the right.

…while the Houndstooth pattern takes its cue from the classic pattern that originated in Scotland in the 1800’s.

porcelain tile

Sterling Row Houndstooth pattern in Charcoal.

Sterling  Row’s harmonious color blends and distinctive designs make it the perfect base for an interior of rich detail and layered patterns of color.

porcelain tile

Sterling Row Wingtip pattern in Charcoal (pictured top right) and Oxford in Charcoal.

Sterling Row Patterns are available in two color ways, Linen and Charcoal, created from three colors of  Statale porcelain tile and Thasos White, Bianco Bello  and Imperial Black Marbles.

Sterling Row’s ten distinctive patterns offer designers a wealth of  decorative options for floors or walls, alongside the  technical advantage of impervious porcelain, which can be used in any residential, and most commercial applications.

For more insight on the inspiration behind Sterling Row, visit our Sterling Row pinboard on Pinterest.


Feel free to leave your thoughts on our new porcelain tile collection: Sterling Row in the comments below!  Happy holidays from Walker Zanger!



Introducing the Sterling Row Collection


Dressing “well” is in again Although we live in a casually dressed culture today, there is still a place for “dressing like a gentleman,” and not just at weddings, funerals or in the boardroom.  The popularity of blogs like“The Sartorialist” and influential shows like “Mad Men” speak to a new appreciation for dressing well, and it’s not unusual to see young men in suits who a decade ago may have been wearing beach shorts and flip flops.  This renewed interest in finer menswear has spurred the growth of small artisan studios that are creating a wide variety of beautiful bespoke suits, shirts and shoes for discerning clients.





Interior design takes its cue…. Menswear has been an influence in interior design, especially in the color harmonies of grey, brown, linen, taupe and white, which make up so much of a man’s traditional wardrobe. It’s easy to flip through a home design magazine today, and see a room that looks like the designer took all the color and textural elements of a gentleman’s wardrobe- from burnished leather to charcoal colored wool, and a brass watch face – and applied them to the furniture, wall color, drapery and so on.

Interior Design collage

Artisans at work The creation of a bespoke suit or fine pair of dress shoes is in itself an artisan craft – selecting the finest cloth, expert cutting, hand sewing and finishing –  a craft practiced by a select few tailors, haberdashers and cobblers. Savile Row in London has been the center of bespoke tailoring for more than 200 years, and continues to attract clients like David Beckham, Colin Firth and David Hockney.




Inspired by the fine art and tradition of bespoke tailoring, the growing resurgence of “dressing up” and the trend of menswear inspired interiors, we created Sterling Row, a new collection of decorative patterns created from marble and porcelain tile.  


porcelain tile


For more insight on the inspiration behind Sterling Row, visit our Sterling Row pinboard on Pinterest.




What do you think of our new Sterling Row porcelain tile collection, and how would it fit into your home? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below. Stay tuned for future posts on the inspiration behind the patterns of Sterling Row!

All photo images and text are the property of Walker Zanger. Please do not use for commercial purposes without permission. You are welcome to repost. copyright 2014.

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