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IN THE TWILIGHT, the mountains overlooking the Tuscan coastline sparkle as if dusted with snow. A closer look reveals the source of the luminous glow: the white marble quarries of Carrara. The history of human connection with natural stone is written deep in ancient quarries such as these, originally excavated by the Romans and worked continuously over the millennia.

Walker Zanger has been engaged in this tradition for more than 55 years, offering our clients prized Carrara marble and exceptional stone from quarries throughout the world, each individually selected and evaluated by our experienced stone masters.

Although the art of quarrying stone has changed dramatically since the days when blocks were hewn by hand and lowered from the hillsides on oiled logs, what has remained constant is the human artistry involved.

This human connection is the bedrock of our company: the relationships with families who have worked the quarries for generations, the fathers and sons who hand down the intricate knowledge required to select and judge stone, who work each day in the quarries and block yards, hand selecting the perfect block, the most beautiful slab, the finest tiles. This emphasis on quality and relationships has guided our family business and become the touchstone for Walker Zanger’s growth as the world’s leading luxury brand in the stone and tile industry. We rely on this commitment to excellence as we develop the handcrafted artisan ceramic tiles, terracotta, stone mosaics, glass tiles, inlaid decorative stones, and metal tile accents that form our exclusive collections.

Our company is rooted not only in these ancient quarries of Europe, but also in the enduring crafts still practiced around the world today. Craftsmen in the Central Mexican highlands still press and finish each terracotta tile by hand, Tunisian artisans continue in the Roman tradition of hand-fitted mosaics, and Italian masters etch designs into solid stone, then individually gild them with gold and silver leaf. Taking inspiration from these traditional art forms as well from historic architecture and decorative arts, our designers create exclusive collections available only through Walker Zanger. This story does not simply end with a beautifully sculpted ceramic border or an intricately pieced mosaic pattern. The Walker Zanger Experience is so much more, and is the centerpiece of our company.

Building or renovating a home or place of business can be a daunting and time consuming project. In response, we have created showrooms that display our products in luxurious and intimate surroundings, staffed by approachable design experts who guide and advise each client. Such care and professionalism is consistent throughout our organization and stems from our conviction that only the highest level of personal service and dedication to our clients’ satisfaction is worthy of the Walker Zanger name.

Behind every piece of limestone tile, behind every mosaic border, behind each hand painted ceramic tile, is the hand of an inspired designer, an experienced artisan, an expert sales consultant, and a dedicated team of client service associates.

From one pair of hands to the next, each product featured in our catalog is carefully shepherded from a quarry in France, a ceramic studio in Morocco, or a mosaic workshop in Italy to its final destination — the residence or business that inspires you, shelters you, and expresses your deepest wishes for a space of beauty and refinement. Whether your project is a simple bathroom remodel, a dream vacation home, or a chic boutique hotel, Walker Zanger delivers the finest material the world of stone and tile has to offer. We pride ourselves on treating every client with courtesy and professionalism, and offer products that will provide a lifetime of value and pleasure.

Indulge your senses, imagine the possibilities, and realize your vision with Walker Zanger. We invite you to explore the Walker Zanger Experience.

All photo images and text are the property of Walker Zanger. Please do not use for commercial purposes without permission. You are welcome to repost. copyright 2014.

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